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What’s New with Memoji in iOS 16?

29th August 2022

Jacob Woolcock



iOS 16 brings some cool new features to Memoji – from new clothing and hair choices to all new stickers and poses. There are more options that ever before to express yourself through your Memoji. This short video will show you everything that’s new!

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Anyone who knows anything at all about me will know that I do love my Memoji. And with iOS 16, there are new options to customize them and new sticker poses. Here’s a quick look at what’s new.

So, first of all, we’re going to edit the Memoji I’ve got already. I’ll jump into Messages, select my Memoji, and then press the three dots and edit. From here, I can then customize anything about the Memoji just like you could do before. But if we jump onto the hairstyles tab, there are 17 different hairstyles that you can apply to your Memoji. Don’t forget, you can change the colors and the highlight colors as well at the top of that screen.

Going along to noses, there are also some more nose options, including some which I think look better on my Memoji than this one does. Perhaps I’ll change that in a future video. And if you go into the mouth, there are also some different lips with more neutral shapes and colors. You’ll also find in the headwear section a new bonnet option as well. So, you’ve got a few nice options there to change up your Memoji if you’d like to. I’m going to keep mine the same just for now and instead jump into the Notes app to show you the new stickers that you can make your Memoji pose in.

So, there are six main new stickers and a couple more in the Contacts app as well that are a little bit hidden. And I think these are some really fun options to make your emoji more interesting. I’m not sure what the poses are called exactly, but there’s the first one, “Please don’t come near me,” the second one, “Cross my fingers and hope,” the third one, “Gosh, aren’t I sweet,” the fourth one, “Ow, that hit my head on the wall and it hurt,” the fifth one, “Sleepy,” and the last one is my favorite.

So, let’s add this one together now. Tap on to do some typing, and on the keyboard, you’re gonna press the emoji button. On that emoji picker screen, slide to the left so you can see your Memoji, and then you can press the three dots to get all the stickers. The sixth and final one is called “A chef’s kiss,” and I think it’s a sticker I’ll be using quite a lot in iOS 16.

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