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How to save Memoji Stickers so you can use them anywhere on iOS and macOS

18th May 2020

Jacob Woolcock


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This video will show you how to use Memoji Stickers anywhere on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, not just in the messages app. Save an album of your Memoji Stickers ready for use at any time, on any document.

Memoji Stickers are really great, but sometimes they can be a little bit hard to access.

Here’s my top tip to use them everywhere…

First up open Notes on a device where you can normally use Memoji Stickers.

Start a new Note and then insert all of your Stickers onto one Note.

From here you’re going to tap onto a Sticker,

and then choose to Export it and Save to Photos.

Repeat this process for each of your stickers, it might take a moment or two,

but you’ll only have to do it once.

Then jump across to the Photos app and hopefully you’ll

See all of your stickers there as images.

It might look like they’ve got a white or a black background,

but when you tap onto one of the images you should notice that it changes

– demonstrating that it’s transparent.

This is important because it means you can later drag these into

other documents and you won’t have a box around your picture.

I’m going to select all of my stickers, and then add them to a new album.

You could make a shared album if you wanted to

across different iCloud accounts, but for me just a normal album will be fine.

The great thing now is I can use that album on any of my devices

– that could be my older iPad that doesn’t support Memoji Stickers

or it could even be my iMac at home.

Simply bring up Photos in Slideover or Split Screen

and then you can drag your Memoji Stickers straight into whichever document you’re working in.

This will now treat your Memoji Stickers as images

It’s a bit confusing because they’re actually treated more like text and Emoji normally,

but by saving them in this way they become PNG images

which you can use for whatever you like in the highest quality possible on your device.

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