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Turn any Emoji into an iMessage Sticker

27th August 2023

Jacob Woolcock


| Messages

Are you ready to take your Emoji game to a whole new level? Join me in this tutorial where I’ll introduce you to the fantastic world of Emoji Stickers on iOS 17. It’s time to use emojis like stickers in iMessage and add an extra dose of fun to your conversations! I’ll walk you through the process, showing you how to effortlessly transform any emoji into a cool sticker that you can place anywhere in your messages. From smileys to animals and everything in between, get ready to enhance your iMessage experience in a creative and expressive way.

Emojis have got a whole new set of talents in iOS 17, and you can use them in really exciting and innovative new ways.

If I go into a Message thread like this one, you all know you can send an Emoji as a text message just like normal – but what you can do now is you can tap and drag the Emoji from that bottom page (whether it’s in the search results or just in the Emoji gallery) and then you can place it anywhere you like in the conversation.

That might mean you can use it as an Emoji reaction to someone’s message, or perhaps like in this instance where I’ve got photograph I can put some Emoji on the picture and have a bit of fun and make a little playful collage.

This new way of communicating using Emojis makes your iPhone better than ever with iOS 17 – and it’s not the only thing that’s changed!

Lots of these updates are quite hidden and quite hard to discover, but luckily I’ve made a playlist on the end screen that you can check out now and then you’ll be up to date on iOS 17.

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