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Massive Autocomplete Improvements to the iOS 17 Keyboard [Video Tutorial]

7th September 2023

Jacob Woolcock


In this video, I’m thrilled to share the game-changing improvements to the iOS 17 keyboard’s autocomplete feature, taking your typing experience to the next level. Join me as I delve into the world of machine learning-powered autocomplete, making those frustrating typos a thing of the past. With these massive autocomplete enhancements, you’ll experience a smoother and more accurate typing journey on your iPhone. Don’t miss out on these incredible improvements – let’s dive in and upgrade your iOS 17 typing experience today!

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One of the changes you’ll notice straight away in iOS 17 is that the keyboard is slightly different.

As you’re typing, for example, it now has Autocomplete built in.

That means as you’re typing, no matter what app it might be in, if the iPhone can predict what you might say next – so perhaps a commonly used sentence or a phrase that you often use – you’ll get a little grayed out suggestion in the textbox where you’re typing.

Now of course you can ignore this and just carry on typing as normal, but if that suggestion is what you want, simply tapping on the spacebar and it will autocomplete that for you.

It might be the rest of the word, or the whole rest of the sentence.

The more you use it the more it learns and the better and quicker your typing will become using this machine learning built into iPhone.

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