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How to Use the Emergency Satellite SOS Mode on Your iPhone

26th January 2023

Jacob Woolcock


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In this video tutorial, I will show you how to use the Emergency Satellite SOS mode on your iPhone. This feature is a lifesaver in case of emergency, as it allows you to send a distress signal to emergency services via satellite. I will walk you through the steps on how to activate the SOS mode, as well as how to customise the settings to best suit your needs. Whether you’re out hiking, camping or traveling, don’t leave home without knowing how to use this important feature. Watch now and be prepared for any emergency situation.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro have got a really incredibly handy feature which hopefully you’ll never need to use, called Satellite SOS.

Basically if ever you find yourself in trouble without any cell signal, you can use a satellite to share your location and to get some help.

Now obviously this isn’t something that you can test just on a whim because it will contact the emergency services and that would obviously be dangerous, but Apple have built in a little demo mode that you can try on your phone.

So if you ever needed it in the future you would know what to do.

Jump into Settings and then scroll right down to Emergency SOS.

From here, towards the bottom of that screen, you’ll see a new option if you’re on an iPhone 14 or 14 Pro for the Satellite SOS feature and you can tap to try the demo.

This will activate a whole new screen on your phone that you won’t have seen before and it will guide you through the process.

Essentially you need to be outdoors with a clear view of the sky – so if you’re in like woodland or something that might make it hard to use.

And in a real emergency situation your phone would prompt you for some key questions such as your location, your current status, are you injured, are you okay, are you lost?

And that will then send that data for you in your message.

But for this demo itself all you’re going to do is send your text message via satellite, so when you continue it will deactivate your mobile data and your Wi-Fi for a short time and then you’ll get your satellite connectivity screen.

As you move your phone in a kind of circle shape above your head it will start to find satellites in the sky, and you’ll get a little green section of that circle.

Aim your phone with that green section to establish a connection and keep it there for quite a while, while it sends data.

As soon as the connections been established you’ll go into an iMessage view that looks like this and then you’ll see at the top the progress of that message being sent.

Because it’s going via satellite it’s going to be a lot slower than a normal iMessage or SMS message however, apart from that, this functions like a normal conversation.

You can send a different message, you can type in your location, any information that’s important and the emergency response team will see that and they can reply to you as well.

It’s important to note that you need to keep your phone aimed at that satellite to send and receive messages in this mode.

When you’ve finished you can end the demo and go back to your iPhone as normal, but at least you know now that that option is there.

And if ever you find yourself in trouble (which hopefully you won’t!) without any signal you’ve now got this new option to get you in touch with the Emergency Services.

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