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How to Undo Send and Delete an iMessage

28th August 2022

Jacob Woolcock


| Messages

With iOS 16 you can easily undo sending an iMessage, which will immediately delete it from the intended recipients device – with no trace of what the original message said. You can use this simple feature to recover from those embarrassing moments when you accidentally text the wrong person, or when you make an awkward typo that you want to rectify without them seeing! This short how-to video will explain how to do this and the limitations that Apple has put in place for the feature.

Everyone does it, we’ll send a message to the wrong person or a message saying the completely wrong thing!

Well now with iOS 16 you can fix that mistake by ‘unsending’ your message.

So here I’ve got a conversation with my partner, and she very simply asked if I want to buy any shopping for tea.

When you send a message that you don’t mean to send, all you have to do is to tap and hold the blue bubble and press Undo Send.

Now, you can do this for up to two minutes after sending a message.

This will then leave a little message on the screen that says that you’ve unsent a message, but it won’t show either yourself or the recipient what the message said.

You have to do this within two minutes of originally sending the message – and be warned…

If your recipients already read the message it will not be erased from their memory! They’ll know what was there.

Not only will this delete the message from the messages thread, but if the recipient had a notification come up about the message and they haven’t opened it yet it will delete that notification for you as well.

But be warned if your recipient is using a device before iOS 16 they’re going to see this instead – and the message won’t be deleted.

So make sure your recipient is using iOS 16 for this feature to work.

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