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Quickly Locate what you need with iMessage Search Filters on iOS 17 [Video Tutorial]

27th August 2023

Jacob Woolcock


Today, I’m excited to share a game-changing feature on iOS 17 – iMessage search filters. Join me as I demonstrate how to efficiently locate your desired messages using these filters. Want to search by contact? Need to pinpoint a message with an attachment? Or perhaps you’re after specific media within your chat history? It’s all possible with iMessage’s versatile search capabilities. Join me in this tutorial and take your messaging organisation to a whole new level.

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There’s a new way of searching messages in iOS 17 that makes it really easy to find the exact content, or message, or attachment that you want.

If I jump into the Messages app and then press the search bar at the top, I want to find a picture of a cat that my fiancée Sapphy sent.

So I’m going to search for Sapphy first of all, and then it will show the contacts that match that name.

I’ll tap on to Sapphy here – you can see at the top in the search bar that that’s now become a gray box.

That means it’s a search filter – so the next thing you type in will be a second filter.

Now, I could type in photo here but actually it suggests that for me just below.

If I tap on the photo it will now only show messages from the Sapphy where she has sent a photo.

But I want to narrow down one more time – so I’m going to tap into the top search bar and type in ‘Cat’.

And just like that I’ve now got all the photos of cats that my fiancée Sapphy has sent me (and trust me there are a lot!).

Anyway, I found the one that I want – it’s this awesome picture of Pudding having a big stretch in the garden!

And if I come out of the picture it was actually sent in a group chat between myself, my fiancée and my mum – which means it’s automatically searched all the messages, not just the ones between myself and Sapphy.

It’s a really powerful Search tool built right into Messages – and that’s another example of how iOS 17 makes your phone better than ever before.

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