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Turn your Live Photos into beautiful Animated Stickers

7th September 2023

Jacob Woolcock


In this video, I’ll show you how to unlock the full potential of your Live Photos on iOS 17 by turning them into captivating animated stickers. Join me as I guide you through the process of creating personalized reactions and custom stickers for iMessage and beyond. Say goodbye to static images and add a dynamic flair to your messages with these stunning animated stickers made from your own Live Photos. Let’s dive into this creative journey together and elevate your messaging game with Live Photo magic!

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The stickers feature in iOS 17 really transforms message conversations. Markup tools, just about anything you could type text into, you can make stickers out of your own photos. But you can also make animated stickers out of your Live Photos, and they look incredible. Here’s how you get started: in the Messages app, I’m going to tap on the plus symbol on the left-hand side and then choose Stickers from that new menu bar. On here, I have recently used stickers, but if I press that plus button, I can create a new one from my photographs. You’ll see straight away on this preview page some of those photographs move, and some don’t; that’s the difference between Live Photos and regular photos. And if I scroll down, there are some pictures that I took of myself earlier, which are perfect for making reactions to messages. Now, these are all Live Photos, and the way I filmed them was very simple. I took a photo using the three-second countdown timer, and when it got to about one, rather than zero, I’d start doing a hand gesture, maybe a thumbs up or a love heart, or whatever it was. Then, the picture would take, and I would stop doing the gesture. That creates movement, and it creates a really short clip, just like this. You’re probably thinking, well, yeah, that part’s easy, but making it into a sticker and getting rid of the background, that’s going to be a nightmare. Well, if you select the photo, just like this one, you’ll see that it does that preview of how the live sticker will look, and within just a split second or two, the background will automatically get removed for you. You haven’t got to do anything; the iPhone does it all. When you’re happy, we can then save that sticker, and then I can use that in a message thread just like any other sticker. Now, you probably know that with stickers, you can have different styles, like an outline or a comic or a shiny foil sticker. With a live one, you can’t add those effects; it’s just the photo itself. In fact, if you try to add the effect, it will then take away the live action part of that photo. It still looks cool, but it’s not as good as having an animated sticker, in my opinion. Anyway, now that sticker is made, I can either tap on it once and send it in the message, or I can tap and drag it out of the sticker drawer and place it on top of a different message in the conversation thread, just like this. These stickers are another way iOS 17 levels up your phone to do all new things, and I’ve got a playlist on the end screen now, full of loads more things your iPhone can now do. And if you like these videos, please do subscribe down below. That way, you won’t miss any more iPhone tips in the future.

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