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How to Calibrate the Colour Balance with your iPhone on Apple TV [Video Tutorial]

25th April 2021

Jacob Woolcock


In this short tutorial I’ll show you how you to quickly calibrate the colour balance on your tv using a new feature on Apple TV and your iPhone. It’s quick and straightforward yet can make a big difference to the picture on your TV.

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Here’s a quick guide to calibrating your Apple TV using just your iPhone.

To get started, jump into the Settings app and from here, scroll down to Video & Audio. From here, you want to scroll down to the Calibration section and then jump onto Colour Balance. Now, at this point, it’s going to prompt you to make sure your iPhone is running iOS 14.5 or later and it needs to be an iPhone that has Face ID – so that’s an iPhone X or newer.

At this point, bring your iPhone close to your Apple TV box and a notification will appear on screen, like you can see now. When you see that message on your iPhone, press Continue and the Apple TV will update to a new screen. At this point, the real clever magic happens because you turn your iPhone around, so that the front camera on your iPhone is facing the TV, and you want to position your device about an inch away from the screen. Hold it as still as you can, inside that blue area, and the calibration will begin automatically.

It’ll take about 20-30 seconds to complete the calibration, so hold your phone nice and still while it’s doing this – and you’ll get some Haptic Feedback when it’s finished. At that point, on your TV screen, you should then see the two different colour profiles – the original one that you had prior to the calibration and the newly calibrated one. Hopefully, the calibrated one will have better colours, and it should be more lifelike.

You can toggle between the two of them to choose the one you prefer, then confirm that change. You can go back at any time to redo this process and you can then change your profile again if you want to. The really great thing here is that you’re not messing around with your TV’s settings, because the Apple TV is doing all of the adjustment for you; it’ll just work with your new colour profile as easily as that.

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