How to set Custom App Icons for Third Party Apps on macOS

In this short tutorial I’ll show you how you can replace the default app icon for any third party app on macOS Bis Sur. Now you won’t have to be stuck with app icons that don’t match your overall aesthetic, and you can download custom icon packs to really make your Dock Icons look amazing. You can make all your apps fit the new Big Sur style design – or do the complete opposite and restore the original icons too if you want! Find out how in this short and friendly tutorial. Download the fab Juice icon pack by Michael Flarup on Apply Pixels here:

How to Create Custom Folder Icons on macOS

Are you fed up with having all of your folders looking exactly the same on your Mac? Finding it hard to locate your documents easily? Then this is the #QuickTip for you! Using Keynote, I’ll show you how to replace the default icon on macOS Folders with anything you like! I’m creating some custom icons for my QuickLessons video folders, but you could make them into anything you like – who needs blue folders when you can have rockets, carrots or hippos as your icons!