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Screen Mirror your iPhone + iPad to your Mac

21st November 2021

Jacob Woolcock



With the recent release of macOS Monterey, you can now AirPlay your iPad or iPhone straight to your Mac screen. In the past this has only been possible with third-party apps so it’s great to finally have a built-in and reliable way of AirPlaying to your Mac running macOS Monterey. Here’s how it works…

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In MacOS Monterey and later, you can now AirPlay your device’s screen onto your Mac, whether it’s an iPhone or an iPad. Here’s how it works. Okay, this is a really simple #QuickTip – one of my favourite types! For so long, you could AirPlay from an iPad or an iPhone onto a device like an Apple TV or onto a Mac using a third-party piece of software like Reflector, but now it’s built into MacOS. All you need to do to get this working is to swipe down to Control Centre on your iPad or iPhone and then tap on the AirPlay button as normal. From here (as long as you’re on the same Wi-Fi network) your Mac should show up as an AirPlay device, and when you tap onto there, your Mac will then be filled with your device’s screen.

When it comes up on the Mac, it will go into Full Screen straight away and just like you expect, it mirrors the device perfectly. In fact, I’ve noticed very little latency and very little lag on this connection – and I’ve found it more reliable than using the third-party apps from years gone by. I can now demo my iPad to a class of children via my Mac or I can do a business meeting and present via the computer in the room. It really opens up new ways to use AirPlay. When you’re done, you can close AirPlay from the iPad, or you can tap the Close button in the top left corner of the Mac. That will then immediately close AirPlay on both devices, and you can go back to using the devices individually again. It’s a really simple feature – but it’s really, really handy.

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