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View Musician, Production and Song Credits in Apple Music on iOS 17

30th August 2023

Jacob Woolcock



In this video tutorial, I’ll be demonstrating how you can effortlessly navigate Apple Music on iOS 17 to find song credits, from talented songwriters to skilled musicians, dedicated band members, adept producers, and meticulous audio engineers. Join me as I unravel the hidden layers of information that make each song a masterpiece. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for the collaborative artistry that goes into every tune you enjoy.

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A nice little change in iOS 17 is that you can now see who was actually involved in the song that you’re currently listening to – who wrote it, who played in it, who produced it – all those sort of details.

And it’s really simple to access!

From the Now Playing screen of any song you’re going to press the three dots next to the track name and at the top of that menu you’re going to choose Show Credits.

From here you get a brand new screen with loads of information about who actually made that song.

Who the singers were, who the performers were, the songwriters, the producers, who mixed it – all of that information is available for you in a way that simply wasn’t possible on Apple Music before.

And from here as well there’s a one tap link to view all the lyrics of that song, which will show you the lyrics of the normal document rather than doing it in the time synced way that you get on the Now Playing screen.

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