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Personalise your Playlists with Custom Playlist Artwork in Apple Music [Video Tutorial]

11th December 2023

Jacob Woolcock



In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through the exciting world of customizing your Apple Music playlist artwork on iOS 17.2. We’ll delve into the simple yet powerful tools that allow you to add a personal touch to your music library. Whether you’re a fan of geometric designs, artistic flair, or just want your playlist covers to match your mood, I’ve got you covered. I’ll show you step by step how to edit, upload your own images, and explore a range of creative covers based on the colours of your favorite albums or singles. Let’s make your music experience not only a treat for your ears but also a feast for your eyes. Get ready to transform your iPhone playlists into a visual masterpiece!

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When you create a playlist in the Apple Music app, quite often it will make its own automatic artwork for you based on four of the album or single covers on the playlist. Now, while it’s handy to see what’s inside the playlist with this cover, it’s missing a certain bit of visual appeal. A lot of the Apple playlists have got these cool abstract geometric playlist covers.

Well, now on iOS 17.2, you can edit the cover of your playlist to make it match your style. Here, I’ve got a playlist of some of my favourite Bob Dylan songs, and as you can see, the artwork is four different album covers. However, if I press the three dots in the top corner of my iPhone and then go on to edit, I can then swipe sideways to change this cover completely. I could upload my own image or my own artwork if I wanted to. Or, if I swipe across from the right, I then have a selection of different geometric and artistic covers based on the colours of the artwork of the singles or albums in that playlist.

For this playlist, there’s a lot of black and white album covers, a lot of grayscale ones, and it’s picking up those colours to make the artwork. Of course, if the playlist name changes, the artwork will change as well. I think I quite like this one for the playlist; it reminds you a little bit of piano keys or something. Let’s try on one more playlist really quickly, and you’ll see what I mean about the colours changing to the music in the playlist.

Here, I’ve got some Christmas tunes that we play around the house, and again, I’ll press the three dots, go on to edit, and then you can see in the cover suggestions, the colours now match the colours of the songs in this playlist rather than the Bob Dylan playlist. It’s a nice little way to customise your music on your iPhone and to make your playlists easier to find and recognise when you’ve got lots and lots of playlists going.

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