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Scan Text using your iPhone Camera [Video Tutorial]

5th December 2021

Jacob Woolcock



You can now use the Camera on your iPhone to Scan and Copy text straight into others apps – saving you time typing. Here’s a quick guide to how it works.

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A really handy new feature in iOS 15 will let you scan and copy text straight from the Camera.

Here’s a quick guide to how it works. And if you find this video helpful please do give it a Like down below that will help more people see it and don’t forget you can Subscribe to my YouTube channel for loads more iPhone and iPad #QuickTips.

This simple feature works when you open up the Camera and when you point that Camera at a piece of text – maybe a page in a book or a whiteboard or even some handwritten notes.

Here I’ve got a book about New York City and I would like to Copy and Paste the list of things to do.

So when I offer up the Camera to that piece of text in the bottom right hand corner I get a new icon.

Tapping on here will extract the text and make it center on the screen for me.

At this point, just like in any other app on your iPhone, you can tap and drag your finger across the text that you want to highlight and then you can Copy it and you can Paste it elsewhere.

If I jump into the Notes app I can then Paste it on my to-do list which is good because at the moment my to-do list is not very exciting!

And then I can even format that in Notes because it’s been pasted as plain text.

Let’s get a little bit more information from that book now.

So I’ll jump into the Camera app again and this time I want to copy the text from the paragraph about Broadway.

So I’m going to hold my Camera up over the piece of text.

I’m going to press that new Extract Text button in the bottom right corner and then I’m going to tap and drag over the paragraph that I want to Copy.

From here it’s simply a case of Copying it, going into Notes and pressing Paste.

As promised that was a really #QuickTip – hopefully one that you’ll find plenty of use with on your iPhone.

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