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iPhone Live Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide to Long Exposures [Video Tutorial]

28th January 2024

Jacob Woolcock



Discover the magic of Live Photos on iPhone in this tutorial, where I demonstrate how to transform a simple snapshot into a stunning long exposure image. Watch as I capture the dynamic movement of a waterfall in Dartmoor, and then use the Live Photos feature to create a mesmerising effect, making the water appear glassy smooth. Learn this easy yet impressive technique to bring your photographs to life and add an artistic touch to your memories.

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Live Photos on iPhone are always fun; they capture a bit of movement before and after you press the shutter, which makes your memories come alive. Moreover, they’ve got some clever features, such as turning a normal photograph into a long exposure image. So, here I am at a waterfall in Dartmoor, and it’s a really beautiful scene. But I want to capture the movement of the water. In the top right-hand corner of the camera, I’m going to make sure Live Photos are enabled. That’s the little circular icon. Then, holding my phone really still, I’ll take a photo, just as normal.

I’m going to jump into the Photos app by tapping that thumbnail. The movement of the water in that picture, at the moment, looks like a normal static photograph. But, there’s a feature we can enable to make this picture look really special. On the top of the picture, I’m going to tap on the Live options. From here, I’m simply going to choose ‘Long Exposure’, and you can see how the water has been transformed by that effect. Look at the waterfall itself and the pool at the bottom; it looks glassy smooth, and that’s because of the long exposure feature.

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