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iPhone Camera Guide: Achieving Perfectly Straight Horizons [Video Tutorial]

28th January 2024

Jacob Woolcock



In this video, I explore a useful feature in the iPhone’s Camera that helps ensure your photos have a perfectly straight horizon. I’ll guide you through the Settings to enable the spirit level-like feature, which displays a horizontal line in the Camera that turns yellow when the phone is perfectly level. This tip is especially handy when using a zoom lens, such as the 5x lens, ensuring your images are always flawlessly aligned for the best photographic results.

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I find that, quite often when I’m taking photos, it can be hard to get the horizon straight in the image. Recently, the iPhone’s Camera has introduced a new feature. It’s just a tiny feature, but a really useful one, that shows you a kind of spirit level. This lets you know exactly when your phone is horizontal to the scene you’re photographing.

We’ll jump into the Settings app and then scroll down to Camera to enable it. From here, we’re going to scroll down to the composition options and toggle the switch for ‘Level’ on. Now, when I jump back into the Camera, I get a little horizontal line in the middle that will turn yellow when it’s perfectly flat. This is particularly useful when you’re zoomed in, maybe on your 5x lens, because it will show you exactly when your image is straight. So, you always get the best photo every time.

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