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How to Record Better Videos with Action Mode [Video Tutorial]

7th October 2023

Jacob Woolcock



In this video, I’ll show you how to unlock the incredible power of Action Mode Video on your iPhone, allowing you to capture those fast-paced moments with ease. With 5x zoom capability and built-in stabilisation, your videos will become incredibly smooth, almost like magic. Whether you’re into sports, wildlife, or simply want to take better videos of your everyday adventures, Action Mode Video is a game-changer. Join me as I guide you through the steps to make the most of this exciting feature and elevate your video recording skills. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to level up your iPhone videography!

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Action Mode video is a real hidden gem on iPhones.

It’s been there for a year now and it’s a really powerful feature, as long as you’re using in the right way.

So if we jump into the Camera app here I am on the beach in Sennen, except it’s a little bit bright – hang on a second…

Ah much better!

Okay all I’m going to do is go into the Video camera and at the top left hand corner I’m going to press that little picture of a person running.

Now, this will enable Action Mode and what the phone is going to do is it’s going to do stabilisation on your video but to a whole new level to what it normally does.

To demonstrate this I’m going to zoom in the 5x camera lens and I’m going to walk slowly around this flag on the beach.

Now, it’s quite a windy day as you can see from the flag, so it’s going to be quite an unsteady video – especially when I’m zoomed in five times.

But as I’m recording and I’m walking slowly around you can see just how hard I’m trying to keep that flag in the center of my frame. It’s not going particularly well is it?!

But if I then press Stop and jump into the video in the Photos app, that Action Mode stabilisation will have kicked in and just look at how different that video looks now.

It’s really hard to believe that’s the same video!

It’s buttery smooth and it looks like it’s being shot on a professional gimbal rather than a handheld phone shaking in the wind.

Action Mode is not perfect by any means – it does require really bright daylight to work so it’s not great indoors, and it does crop quite a large part of your video.

Sometimes so you may not get quite the video you wanted at the end, but my goodness it is a really cool hidden feature on your iPhone!

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