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Creating Multi-Stop Routes in Maps [Video Tutorial]

29th August 2022

Jacob Woolcock



With Maps in iOS 16 you can now add multiple waypoints to your directions. Need to stop somewhere on your drive? No problem, add it as an additional stop to your directions. Sudden change of plans? Easily add extra stops while your current route is in progress. This handy new feature means you can do so much more in Maps than ever before – and once you know how it works you’ll be using it every day!

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Directions in Maps have got a lot better in iOS 16 because you can now create multiple stops on your journey.

Here’s how it all works.

So straight away in the Maps app i’m going to plan a driving route to Wembley Stadium.

Just like before, I’ll search for the destination and then I’ll press the directions button to get that route.

As always it shows me a few different options, and the time it will take for each one.

But you can now press the Add Stop button down below.

I’m going to do that and I’m going to have a detour via IKEA in Exeter.

So we’ll search for that, and that will add it to the list of destinations in my route.

I also fancy going to Longleat as wel,l so I’ll add in Longleat Wildlife Park.

Now I’ve got four different stops: my start destination, Wembley Stadium, IKEA and Longleat.

You can see on the map it’s updated the route, but it now takes over 10 hours!

That’s because Maps is currently making the route in the order you added those destinations.

But don’t worry, you can simply drag and drop them to reorder your schedule.

I know that IKEA comes first on my journey to Wembley, so I’m going to drag that one up.

And also Longleat is then between IKEA and Wembley.

When I’ve rearranged them I then get a much better route that will stop at those destinations.

Now I’m happy with the route I can press Go and the driving directions will start as normal.

From this screen I can also pull up the card at the bottom and even here I can change my route by deleting a stop or adding another one.

Perhaps I’ve changed my mind about Longleat.

I can simply delete that and Maps will automatically choose a new route for me to get me from IKEA to Wembley.

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