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How to use Flyover to fly over cities and landmarks in 3D

19th January 2020

Jacob Woolcock


| Maps

This video will show you how to use the Flyover tool in Apple Maps to explore and travel across hundreds of cities in 3D. View famous landmarks, explore new areas and see the world in a cool new way. Another really quick tip to make your experience using iPadOS and iOS even better.

Here’s a tip to help you bring geography to life using Flyover in Apple Maps. To get started, you need to zoom out on your map and try to spot those little 3D circle markers. Tap onto one of those, and then you can jump straight into Flyover mode. From here, you can start a guided tour of the city you’re looking at. This will take you for a slow jaunt around the whole city, showing you famous landmarks, and perhaps not so famous landmarks as well, and it will show you where they are in relation to each other, which is a great way of visualizing all these historical sites. At any point, you can close the screen by pressing the ‘X’ in the corner and jump to a different city for a different Flyover experience. It’s worth mentioning that you can pause the Flyover at any time, and then you can use one finger to move around the city, or you can lift up your device and tilt it around to get a sort of augmented reality view, where it moves as you move the device as well. It’s very cool. Flyover works in hundreds of locations worldwide, and I’ll have a link in the description to show you the full up-to-date list on the Apple website.

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