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Create Multi-Stop Routes in Maps

25th October 2022

Jacob Woolcock


| Maps

With macOS Ventura you can now create multi-stop directions and routes in the Maps app. That means you can plan ahead to find the best route to get from A to B, whilst making a stop-over at C and D. It’s easy to use and this short and simple-to-follow tutorial video will get you up and running in no time at all.

The Maps app on macOS Ventura has received a really nice update that now allows you to create directional loops with more than one destination. So, here, if I create a route from the Apple Park Campus, perhaps down to the Golden Gate Bridge, I’ll get my directions just like normal. I can choose how I want to travel, and I’ll get a few different alternate routes. But perhaps I want to add a detour on my way and stop off at Moss Beach. Well, I can now press this new ‘Add Stop’ button and then search for the destination that I want to add to my journey.

At the moment, it will put this at the end of my travel, so I’ll go from Apple Park to the Golden Gate Bridge, then back to Moss Beach. That doesn’t make much sense. However, if I drag the toggle here, I can rearrange the journey. Of course, you can add multiple stops if you wish, and then, when you press ‘Go’, you’ll get your route just like normal, but this time, you’ll be stopping off where you want to on the way.

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