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Stay Connected Anywhere: The Ultimate Guide to eSIM for Travellers

31st March 2024

Jacob Woolcock


In this educational YouTube video, learn how to save money on mobile data while traveling abroad using eSIM technology. The tutorial guides viewers through the process of purchasing and activating a temporary data plan for international use, providing practical tips for seamless integration into their devices. With step-by-step instructions and insights into cost-saving benefits, this video empowers you to stay connected affordably during your travels.

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When I go abroad, I do like using my phone and mobile data just in case I don’t get Wi-Fi while I’m going, but mobile data quite often costs a lot of money, especially if you’re roaming outside of your home country. Well, using an eSIM is a perfect way around this problem because you can get a temporary mobile data contract in the country you’re going to. Wait, Jacob, what on earth does that mean? Okay, there’s a website called; there are lots of other options as well, but this is the one that I’ve used before and that I can recommend. From here, I’m going to type in the country that I’m going to. For me, it’s the USA. Then, you’re going to get a selection of different SIM-only contracts, essentially, that last for short periods of time. Now, you could have a plan here that includes phone calls and texts as well, in which case you’d get a new temporary number, but I just want data. So, I’m going to tap onto data-only plans. And here, for America, I’ve got a 7-day, a 10-day, or a 30-day contract. These are not going to auto-renew at the end; they’re one-off purchases. But basically, it means you can use American data at American charges, and you buy it before you go. I’m going to go with the 30-day plan here, and I’ll just go through the checkout process quickly. You don’t need to watch me do that. Okay, I’ve gone through and I’ve made that purchase, and it costs about $27, which isn’t bad for a whole month’s data in America. Bear in mind, my network would usually charge me £5 or £6 per day, and then an extra fee per megabyte on top of that. Now that I’ve done that, I’ve got an email in my inbox, and that email has got a QR code on it. But we need to scan that QR code, and it’s actually easy to do it on a second device if you’ve got one. So, maybe forward the email to your main computer or a friend’s phone or something like that. When you’ve done that, you’re going to jump into the Settings app and tap onto mobile data near the top. From here, you’ve got the option to add a new eSIM, and we’re simply going to do it by scanning a QR code, as I just mentioned. I’ve emailed it to my own computer, so I can use the camera on my phone to scan the barcode on my computer screen. Immediately, it’s going to recognize that, and it’s going to go through a process of connecting to that new network and activating it for me. This usually takes about a minute or so, so I’m going to jump forwards a little bit with editing. But now, you can see I’ve got two different networks on my phone: I’ve got one called primary and one called travel. I could rename them if I wanted to, perhaps United Kingdom and United States, but I’ll keep primary and travel for now. Then, on the next screens, you’re going to choose which line you want to use for your calls and your texts, and which one for the data. What I’m going to do here is choose the primary line for all of these options for texting, for phone calls, and for mobile data because I’m not actually in America just yet. I don’t want to use this new network until I get there. But then, when that’s done, you’ve got two SIMs set up on your phone; the virtual one is there, ready for when you get off that plane into your new country. And when that time comes, all you have to do is go back into Settings, back to that mobile service page, and tap onto mobile data. From here, you can simply toggle off the primary network and onto your travel network instead. That means any 4G or 5G that you use abroad will only work on that new network that you’ve got for your eSIM, not your home network, so you won’t get charged extra for it. This really can save you a huge amount of money on mobile data roaming fees if you set it up beforehand. And there’s actually a link in the description to an affiliate link I’ve got from, which means that you get the same great price that I got, but I also get a little bit of commission for sending you there. That will help me and my channel grow, and quite frankly, the whole reason for this video is that I’m about to go on honeymoon to America. That’s why I’m buying this eSIM, so any commission sales would definitely help with that. Anyway, please do subscribe to the channel down below if you want more tips for your iPhone.

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