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How to Share AirTags between Multiple iCloud Accounts on iOS 17

10th September 2023

Jacob Woolcock


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In this video, I’ll guide you through the useful and convenient process of sharing AirTags between multiple iCloud accounts on iOS 17. Learn how to make easy AirTag sharing a reality, perfect for families or sharing with friends. Discover the step-by-step instructions and ensure your belongings are always tracked with the power of collaboration. Join me in this tutorial for seamless AirTag sharing across different iCloud accounts.

Being able to share AirTags across different iCloud accounts is a feature I’ve wanted for a long time on iOS because we have things like our cat Pudding who has an AirTag on his collar – but my fiancee and I can’t share his location – only one of us can have it on our phones at any given time.

So here you can see Sapphy’s phone and my phone and you can see on the Find My app that Sapphy has got Pudding on there.

Now however in iOS 17 there’s a new option to Share this AirTag.

When you tap onto Add Person you can then type in the iCloud address of the other person you want to share it with (in this case my iCloud email address) and then just like that in Find My on my iPhone there’s now an invitation from Sapphy to accept sharing that Pudding AirTag.

When I tap on here it then appears in a new section called Shared With You and I can use it just like any other Air Tag on my account.

And another really good use for this feature is if you’re traveling together, say in the car, and the AirTag is linked to my phone but not Sapphy’s, sometimes it will start beat beeping – thinking that it’s traveling with someone that doesn’t recognise it.

Well, if you share that AirTag with both accounts that won’t happen anymore, which is a nice little improvement to have.

And it’s just another way that iOS 17 is better than ever before.

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