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Drag and Drop on iPhone [Video Tutorial]

20th September 2021

Jacob Woolcock


A very cool new feature of iOS 15 is that you can now Drag + Drop content BETWEEN APPS on your iPhone! This has long been a feature on iPad, but bringing it to the iPhone is a huge new feature. Check out this short and easy-to-follow tutorial where I’ll show you how the feature works and give you some ideas of how to use it.

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For a few years now you’ve been able to Drag and Drop content on your iPd but now with iOS15 that works just as well on the iPhone as well.

Here’s a quick guide to getting it working.

Drag and Drop will work with lots of different content, whether that be a link a picture, some text, maybe something else entirely.

So I want to get a picture to add to my New York City planning trip so in the future if ever I get the chance to go I’ll know what to do.

I’m going to jump onto a website for the Empire State Building and I want to get that lovely photograph into my Note.

All I need to do is tap and hold that photograph for a moment or two and you’ll see it lift off the screen slightly.

Now when I move my finger that picture will follow my finger around until I let go.

With one finger on the screen on my picture I can use my other hand to swipe up out of Safari and to open up Notes.

That picture is still on my finger and I can then let go of it in the exact position I want in Notes.

Just like that I’ve Dragged and Dropped a picture from Safari into Notes.

But let’s check that out with some text as well.

So I want to get some directions to the Empire State Building, so I’m going to go into a new tab in Safari and I’m going to Tap and Drag over the piece of text that has the directions in.

Just like before when it’s highlighted I’m then going to tap and hold my finger for a moment or two until the text lifts off the screen slightly.

Then as I move my finger around the, text will follow and using my other hand I can come out of Safari and open up Notes.

When I’ve put the text in the position I want in Notes I just need to let go of it and there you have it – straight away exactly where I wanted it to go.

So that’s Drag and Drop on iOS 15.

It’s quick and really simple to use and as soon as you know it’s there I bet you’ll be using it every single day.

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