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How to use the App Library

24th September 2021

Jacob Woolcock


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One of the biggest new features in iPadOS 15 is the new addition of the App Library. If you’ve got an iPhone you’ll likely be familiar with the App Library already, but the way it works on iPad is slightly different. This short and easy-to-follow tutorial will get it up and running on your device in no time!

A year after its introduction on the iPhone, the App Library feature has been made available on iPadOS, revolutionising how users interact with their apps on the iPad. This brief guide will walk you through how to utilise the App Library for a more organised and efficient experience.

Upon accessing the App Library on the iPad, you’ll notice a new user interface that automatically groups all your apps into categories such as Entertainment, Education, and Productivity. This categorisation makes it easier to find what you’re looking for without cluttering your Home Screen. To open an app directly, simply tap on its icon. Icons in full size will launch the app immediately, whereas tapping on the smaller icons in the bottom right corner of each category folder will display all apps within that category. For instance, tapping on the small icons in the Education section will reveal all related apps, allowing you to open an app like Swift Playgrounds with ease.

The App Library not only aids in decluttering your Home Screen but also allows for a more streamlined iPad experience. By entering Jiggle Mode (tap and hold any app), and then tapping on the page indicator dots at the bottom, you’re presented with a new screen. This screen enables quick adjustments to your Home Screen pages. For example, deselecting the checkboxes for certain pages will hide those pages, reducing visible clutter. Though these pages are hidden, the apps remain accessible within the App Library, ensuring you can still easily access all your apps.

Moreover, the App Library offers flexibility in managing individual apps. If you wish to remove an app from the Home Screen without uninstalling it, simply tap, hold, and select the option to remove it from the Home Screen. The app will then reside solely in the App Library, keeping your Home Screen neat and your apps readily accessible.

Embracing the App Library on the iPad means you no longer have to sift through multiple pages to find an app. Instead, you can swiftly navigate to the App Library and locate your desired app with just a few taps. This feature greatly enhances the efficiency of using your iPad, making it a more streamlined and enjoyable experience.

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