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Using Interactive Widgets on your Home Screen

10th September 2023

Jacob Woolcock


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In this video, I’ll introduce you to the brand new interactive widgets for your iPhone on iOS 17. Get ready to explore a new Home Screen paradigm as I show you how to use these widgets to interact with apps in new ways. From playing and pausing music to completing tasks in Reminders and even controlling HomeKit accessories, these widgets are a game-changer. Join me for a hands-on demonstration of iOS 17’s interactive widgets, and elevate your iPhone experience to a whole new level.

Your home screen widgets in iOS 17 have gained a lot of new power in this update, and they’re actually now completely interactive. So, at the moment while I’m making this video, it’s just like our first-party Apple apps that are working, but by the time you watch it, and in weeks and months to come, all of the apps that you use will start updating with this new feature. So, what exactly do I mean by interactive widgets? Well, I can add a new widget just like I could do before: tap and hold the home screen, press the plus button, and then search for the app you want. I’ll grab a music widget quickly and put that on as well.

But now, all of these widgets, rather than just opening the app, are actually fully interactive. And so, because these are now interactive, I can literally interact with them on the home screen without having to open any app at all. So, in the HomeKit app in the top corner, I can turn the fan on and turn the light in my office on, just from the home screen by tapping those buttons. On the reminders list, I can tick an item off just by pressing the circle, and it’s gone. I haven’t got to open the whole app and go through the whole process. On the music player, I can press play, I can press pause, just like you’d expect.

Of course, I can still open up the app just like before by tapping onto the main body of the widget, like the empty space or the main text, and that will open the app just like it would do before iOS 17. But having this new feature just means speeding up a lot of interactions with your phone because you haven’t got to go to the apps anymore.

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