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Enable a Start Up / Shut Down Chime on iPhone 14 [Video Tutorial]

18th September 2022

Jacob Woolcock


The new generation of iPhones include a fun (and very useful) hidden feature – power on and off noises. Just like when you boot up a Mac and get the startup chime, you can do the same now on your iPhone. That means you can hear an audible signal when your device restarts, turns on or turns off – making it very easy to tel when your device has shut down correctly. Here’s a short guide to turning it on, and what the sound effects sound like.

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An interesting and very well hidden feature of the new iPhone 14 line is that you can now have your own startup and shutdown chime playing – just like you can do on Mac laptops and Mac desktop computers.

This means it’s really easy to tell when your device is turned off or turned on or when it’s restarting – which is particularly good if you’ve got a vision impairment.

So go into Settings and then go on to Accessibility.

From here you’re going to scroll down until you find Audio/Visual and then on this screen you can choose to turn on the Turn On and Off Sounds.

As simple as this, when you then go and shut down your phone you’ll hear a chime just like this…

And when it comes time to bring your phone back on again you should hear this noise as well…

It’s a very simple tip, but it makes your phone that much nicer and easier to use.

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