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How to use Guided Access to restrict app usage on iPad

23rd February 2020

Jacob Woolcock


Discover how to use Guided Access on the iPad to keep children focused on a single app, as demonstrated in this informative video. Learn the simple steps to enable Guided Access in the Settings, set a passcode, and control which parts of the screen are accessible to the user. This video is ideal for educators and parents looking to maintain a child’s attention on one task without the distraction of other apps or screen areas.

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Have you ever wanted to give an iPad to a child while still making sure they only use one particular app? Well, this is exactly how you can do that. Normally, when you use an iPad, you can press the home button at any time to return back to the home screen full of app icons, but sometimes, when you’re working with a child, you might want to stay focused on one particular app or one particular task. For this, we’re going to enable a feature called Guided Access. Go to the Settings app, scroll down to Accessibility, and then scroll to the bottom of that screen to find Guided Access. Toggle it on here from the switch, and that’s pretty much it. Normally, when you now launch the app, you’re going to press the home button three times quite quickly. This triple press will then bring up the screen full of options, including setting a passcode and choosing particular areas of the screen to disable. I’m going to put a password of one, two, three, four and then begin Guided Access. You’ll notice that I now can’t press the home button to leave the app. I can still use the app as normal, but I can’t cancel it or quit the app itself. In order to leave the app, I need to triple press the home button again and this time put in that passcode that I made earlier. The children won’t know this passcode, so for them, they’re locked inside the app for as long as you need them to be. On this screen, you can also disable certain parts of the display. So, for example, if I disabled the circle around the clock, the children couldn’t then use those clock hands. Not ideal for this app, but if you imagine it’s a map with a settings toolbar or a login screen you don’t want children to access, that particular part of the app can be disabled as well.

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