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How to use Background Rain Sounds

23rd September 2021

Jacob Woolcock


A hidden feature of iOS 15 will let you play background, ambient, noise as you’re using your devices. Whether it’s your iPhone or your iPad, you can have white noise in the form of raindrops, the ocean, a stream and more too! It’s a really relaxing feature that can really help you focus and get on with the task at hand. Check out this short video to get it up and running.

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With the iOS 15 update, Apple introduced a new, somewhat secret feature for your iPhone and iPad known as Background Noise. This feature is designed to enhance your device’s audio settings to play soothing sounds, which can be particularly beneficial for concentration or relaxation. Let’s delve into how to activate and customise this feature for personal use.

To get started, the first step involves navigating to the Settings App, then proceeding to Accessibility. Within the Accessibility settings, under the Hearing section, select Audio/Visual. Here, you have the option to activate background sounds, offering a preview to help decide if it’s right for you. Initially, the default sound is Raindrops, but there’s a variety of sounds to choose from, including Ocean, Stream, White Noise, or Dark Noise. These sounds are downloadable, ensuring they’re available offline for anytime use.

Customisation extends to volume control and integration with other media. You can adjust the background noise volume to your liking. Additionally, there’s flexibility in how background noise behaves when other audio plays from your device, such as music or videos. Options include pausing the background noise or reducing its volume to blend seamlessly with your media. A “Play Sample” button allows you to test your settings and adjust the volume to your preference.

An intriguing feature is the ability to keep the background noise playing even when your device is locked, perfect for those moments of study or focus without active screen use. Once you’ve configured your background noise settings to your satisfaction, the next step is to integrate this feature into the Control Centre for easy access. By adding the Hearing option to the Control Centre, you enable a straightforward toggle to switch background noise on or off from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad. This toggle also allows for sound customisation, enabling you to switch between Raindrops, Stream, Ocean, or other sounds as your mood changes.

This quick guide aims to help you utilise the background noise feature on your iPhone and iPad effectively. For those who found this overview helpful, consider subscribing for more #QuickTip videos on iPhone and iPad functionalities available on my channel. See you in the next video!

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