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Quickly Reshape Your Photos using Symbols in Keynote [Video Tutorial]

29th September 2019

Jacob Woolcock


In this educational tip, discover a quick and efficient method for resizing photos in the classroom, perfect for teachers looking to organize visual materials. Learn how to use the symbol library to insert shapes, such as ovals, and then drag and drop photos onto these shapes for instant resizing and repositioning. This technique is ideal for creating uniform photo displays, like arranging thirty children’s faces in circles for a classroom board, streamlining the process and saving valuable time. Give it a try!

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Okay, here’s a tip which could be really useful in the classroom, particularly if you want to reshape
loads of photos really, really quickly.

Take a look at this…

To begin with you’re going to want to insert a symbol from the symbol library.

This could be any shape you like, I’m going to go with an oval for my demonstration.

When you’ve done that you can simply drag a photo from your pictures library onto that shape.

Just make sure you’ve selected your shape first.

So you tap on the shape, drag a picture and drop it, straight on top.

You can even resize it and reposition it if you’d like to.

Now imagine you want to get all thirty of your children faces in little circles to go on your board – this would make it so easy and so quick.

Give it a try!

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