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How to Connect a PS4 DualShock Controller to your iPad

17th January 2021

Jacob Woolcock



In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to connect a PlayStation 4 DualShock Controller to your iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth to make playing games even better. This works on Apple Arcade games and many other games from the App Store as well. You can use this same technique to pair an Xbox One controller too if you don’t have a PS4 one to hand.

Did you know you can connect a PS4 DualShock Controller to you iPhone or your iPad to make playing games even more fun?

Here’s how.

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This is really simple to set up, so jump straight into the Settings app and then scroll down to find Bluetooth.

Now, on the Bluetooth screen you want to make sure Bluetooth is turned on and then grab your PS4 controller.

On the controller itself you’re going to press and hold the PlayStation button and the Share button (they’re the two that I’m pointing at on screen now) and that’ll activate Bluetooth pairing mode on your controller.

From here on the iPad you can see PS4 Dualshock Controller and you can tap on there to connect.

It’s really quite straightforwards but now your controller is paired, the light on the controller itself will go solid, and you’re good to start playing.

So I’m going to jump straight into an Apple Arcade game called Crossy Castle – if you haven’t tried it it’s good fun – I’d recommend it!

And from here I can use my PS4 Controller to control everything on my iPad screen.

This will work on loads of games in the App Store and Apple Arcade games, and on the App Store listing page you’ll see a little message that says controllers are supported.

This works on Xbox One controllers as well and you can pair them in just the same way by going to the Settings app and onto Bluetooth.

When you’ve finished playing you can either turn your PlayStation controller off, on the controller itself, or if you’d rather you can do that from the iPad too.

You can go into Settings, back to Bluetooth and press Disconnect, but that’s quite a long-winded way around.

Instead swipe down from the top right corner to bring up Control Center tap and hold on those four icons in the top left, and then on the Bluetooth button if you tap and hold on there you can see all the devices that are connected and you can tap on PlayStation 4 DualShock Controller and that’ll disconnect it for you.

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