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How to Open and Edit your Notes in the Pages App on iPad [Video Tutorial]

8th January 2024

Jacob Woolcock



Explore the practical benefits of opening Notes documents in the Pages app on your iPad in this QuickTips video. I’ll guide you through the straightforward process that allows for a more convenient transition from basic notes to fully developed documents. Discover how this feature enhances your editing capabilities and streamlines the document development process. Join me for a straightforward tutorial that focuses on maximising the utility of your iPad, making your note-taking and document creation more efficient and effective. Whether you’re a student, professional, or simply interested in optimising your iPad experience, this video provides valuable insights into the functionality of Pages and its integration with Notes.

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Do you ever start making a note in the Notes app, only for it to grow bigger and more complex? Do you think, “I wish I’d just written this in Pages so I could print it out edited like a normal document?” Well, now you can. You can easily move a note from the Notes app straight into Pages. Just press the Share button in the top right-hand corner, and then press Open in Pages.

It’ll take Notes a moment or two to prepare your new file, and then Pages will open with all your content there, whether it’s linked or handwritten text or bullet points—everything is there just like you had it before. Now, of course, because you’re in Pages, you can edit it like a real document. You can add pages, adjust the layout, set margins, and do all those things. You can even use Presenter Mode if you want to.

This means you can take that note, expand on it, and develop it into a proper document as easily as that.

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