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How to use Presenter Mode to have a virtual Teleprompter in the Pages App on iPad

2nd February 2020

Jacob Woolcock


| Pages

Discover the simplicity of recording videos with script assistance using the Teleprompter feature in Pages, as highlighted in this helpful video. Learn how to easily convert your script into a scrolling teleprompter display, ideal for helping children or anyone struggling to remember lines while recording. This tutorial covers how to set up and customise the teleprompter settings, making it a perfect tool for classroom video projects or any recording situation.

Here’s a tip that will make recording videos and remembering your words very simple. Sometimes, when you’re recording a video, it can be very hard to remember what you’re trying to say, especially if you’re a child. With the Teleprompter feature in Pages, you can type a script as a normal document and then have it play back to you as if it were on a real teleprompter. Just press the three dots in the top corner and then tap onto Presenter Mode. From here, you need to tap the screen once, and it will automatically start scrolling. You can also press the button in the top right corner to change the appearance of the text, the background, and the speed at which the information scrolls out. You might find this tip particularly useful for your class, especially if they’re children who tend to forget the words as they’re trying to record a video. It can be very hard to keep a lot of information in your head when you’re trying to record it. Set this up, put it behind a camera, tap the screen to start scrolling, and you’re good to go and record that video.

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