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How to use the Document Scanner in Files [Video Tutorial]

1st October 2019

Jacob Woolcock



This video demonstrates the convenient feature in iPadOS and iOS 13 that allows you to scan documents directly into the Files app, enabling easy organisation and storage in the desired folder. It covers how to use the automatic Document Camera, adjust settings for different types of scans, and save single or multi-page PDFs, along with tips for fine-tuning the final document for a neater appearance.

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Since iOS 11 you’ve been able to scan documents into the Notes App, but in iPad OS and iOS 13 you can now scan documents straight into the Files App which means you can put them in the right folder and you can organise them exactly as you’d like.

So when you’re in the Files app, navigate to the folder you want to scan a document to and then you want to long press on the grey background.

From here press on to Scan Documents.

Your Documents Camera is in automatic mode and if you point your camera at a piece of paper iOS will automatically find that piece of paper and take a scan.

From here you can tap onto it and you can change the settings – for example if it’s a photograph you might like it in colour, if it’s a black and white print out you can put it in black and white mode.

You can then tap Save and it will put that file as a PDF document straight into the Files app itself.

What’s more, you can also save multi-page PDF documents by scanning one page then the next page and however more you need to scan, and then pressing Save in the bottom corner.

It’s also worth noting before you save your Files you can actually adjust them slightly, so if the crop hasn’t perfectly made your page fit you can go in and readjust those corners to make it look a little bit neater.

It’s really, really quick isn’t it to save the document straight into Files.

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