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How to use On-Screen Colour Filters on your iPad [Video Tutorial]

9th February 2020

Jacob Woolcock


Learn how to enhance your iOS viewing experience with this instructional video on adjusting screen colour filters for better content visibility. Discover the step-by-step process to enable and customise colour filters in the Accessibility settings, making your device more accessible, especially if you’re colourblind. This video also highlights the system-wide application of these settings, ensuring a consistent viewing experience across all apps and screens on your iOS device.

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Sometimes it’s necessary to change the colour filters on your screen to make content easier to view on iOS. You can go to Settings, then Accessibility. From here, tap onto Display and Text Size, and then you can enable Colour Filters. At the top of this screen, you’ll see a number of static images demonstrating what the colours look like at the moment. As you cycle through the different filters, you’ll notice these colours change in the images above, and you can compare the output from what you’ve chosen. Please be aware that during screen recording, these colour tints don’t actually show up, but I’ve had to simulate the images you’re seeing on screen now. The actual real-life effects are much more nuanced and much easier to view. These colour filters are useful for a number of reasons. If you’re colourblind, for instance, you can choose to enable the red and green filters, or the blue and yellow filters, to make colours which are harder to see stand out more for you. You can also apply a whole screen colour tint. These changes apply system-wide to the whole of iOS. It will affect everything from the home screen to the apps you use. That means you can choose a setting that you like, and it will apply absolutely everywhere, which is fantastic.

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