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How to Resize Videos before Uploading on Showbie for iOS and iPad

24th May 2020

Jacob Woolcock


A recent update to the Showbie app for iOS and iPad has enabled users to record their screen with the camera and microphone included which makes modelling and remote teaching easier than ever. You can now record yourself talking through a lesson, explaining a concept or even writing on the documents you sent out in Showbie. It’s a great new feature and is certainly worth trying out on your iPad.

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Did you know you can now resize your videos on Showbie before you even upload them? That’ll make it quicker for your students to access them from home. Here, let me show you how. So, I’m going to upload a video as normal by pressing the plus button on an assignment and then choosing the photo library. From here, I’m going to select my video of ’10 Top Tips for Showbie’. Now, at the moment, it’s going to be a 200-megabyte upload. That will take a while for me to upload, but more importantly, it will take a long time for students at home to download and view, particularly if they’ve not got a great internet connection. The new feature in Showbie will let you change the resolution along the bottom: original, highest, high, and medium quality. You need to ask yourself, do the videos really need to be full high definition for this? Probably not. So, the medium quality setting actually reduces my file size by 75%; it’s now 46 megabytes. But, even better than that, I can crop the video to make it shorter. I only want to share three or four of my tips for this particular assignment, so I’m going to drag the little handles on the left and right side to make the video shorter. Now, when I press upload, it will automatically rescale my video and trim it to that particular size. My upload speed is now way quicker, and I can be happy knowing that my students won’t have to wait ages for it to load on their end as well.

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