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How to Export and Share a Board as a PDF [Video Tutorial]

8th December 2022

Jacob Woolcock


Once you’ve finished a Freeform Board you’ll probably want to share it outside of the Freeform app. In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to export your Board as a PDF document (either with or without the dotted background). After that I’ll also show you how to create a template that you can then duplicate and adjust as you need to.

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Okay, we’ve reached the end of the Freeform walkthrough and in this final video we’re going to look at how we can export that board as a PDF file.

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Okay, when we tap the name of the Board in the top left corner we have a few options – one of which is to hide the grid.

Because I’m going to export this as a PDF it might be nice to have a clean white background, so we’ll hide the grid now.

Then we’re going to tap that arrow next to the file name again and we can simply choose to Export As PDF.

You can decide where this PDF goes, for me I’m going to save into the Files app.

Let’s leave Freeform now and jump into Files and there you can see straight away I’ve got a really nice PDF that’s cropped to the exact size of my content (it’s not the whole unlimited canvas), and I can then share this or use it how I need to.

The last thing to show you about your Freeform boards is that you can actually Duplicate them.

That means you can make a template or perhaps you can get a few Boards started at once.

For me if I tap and hold on my San Francisco Board and press Duplicate I can then go into there and I can start planning another trip – perhaps to New York or somewhere exciting like that.

Thanks for watching this guide, I really hope you found it helpful and remember, you’ll find loads more videos on my channel.

See you later.

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