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Customise your StandBy Screen Clock with Different Styles, Colours and More!

18th September 2023

Jacob Woolcock


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In this QuickTips video, I’ll be your iOS 17 guru, showing you how to personalise and make your StandBy screen truly unique. Join me as I guide you through customising your clock face, font, colours, and style with ease. Whether you want a sleek and modern look or something more playful, I’ll demonstrate how to tweak every aspect of your StandBy screen clock. With iOS 17, you have the power to transform your device’s appearance to match your taste perfectly. Let’s dive in and give your StandBy screen a fresh, personalised makeover!

The Standby mode in iOS 17 is a really good way of using your iPhone as like a little secondary display on your desk, or by your nightstand, or in the kitchen.

You can have a clock on there of course, and you can actually customise what this clock looks like.

There are two different ways of doing this: one you can change the whole clock style itself simply by sliding up and down to move through the clocks, and two (which is quite well hidden) is you can customise the color.

To change the color of your clock face all you have to do (while it’s in Standby mode) is tap and hold on the clock face you want to change and then press the white dot in the bottom right corner.

Then you have different options at the bottom and sometimes different color effects that you can apply.

Some of these are quite subtle, some are quite playful – but as you choose between them you can choose a style that you really like the look of.

I really like this particular one – it feels very playful (especially when the clock changes) oh, just like that!

As I go through and I can customise and look for other ones, I can really fine tune how this feature works.

I can choose the clock face that works best for me and, because it links the Magsafe charger it’s on, if I choose one clock face at work and a different one at home it will remember that for me and it will change automatically.

The only one you can’t change the color on is the World Clock, but you can add new cities to here and you can do that simply by opening the Clock app on your iPhone and adding a new time zone / new city from there.

Being able to change the color of a clock on Standby may not be the most earth-shattering change in the world, but it’s another example of a little thing that iOS 17 does really well.

And there are dozens more of these short and simple tips that can help you make the most of your iPhone, so jump onto the playlist on the end screen here and you’ll get all of my iOS 17 tips.

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