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Enrolling Devices in a New Class in Classroom [Video Tutorial]

20th January 2024

Jacob Woolcock


In this informative YouTube video, I delve into the set-up of the Apple Classroom app for iPad, focusing on how to enroll student iPads into a class. I guide you through the essential steps of adding students and creating new classes in the Classroom app, ensuring seamless class management. This tutorial is perfect for educators looking to leverage the power of Apple technology in their teaching environment. Learn how to set up your class, invite students with a simple four-digit code, and manage multiple classes effortlessly. This video is packed with practical advice and tips, making it an invaluable resource for teachers aiming to integrate iPads into their educational toolkit. Whether you’re new to the Classroom app or looking to refine your skills, this video is a must-watch for anyone in the field of education using Apple devices.

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In this tutorial, we delve into the powerful capabilities of the Apple Classroom app, designed to streamline device management in educational settings directly from a teacher’s iPad. I guide you through setting up a new class, customising it with a unique name, symbol, and colour for easy identification, and demonstrate the straightforward process of inviting students to join using a four-digit code. We also explore how to view student iPad screens in real-time, enhancing classroom management and engagement, and encourage viewers to explore further tutorials in our series for a comprehensive understanding of Apple Classroom’s potential.

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