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Device and Students Reports on the Class Summary Screen in Classroom [Video Tutorial]

21st January 2024

Jacob Woolcock


In today’s video, I delve into the highly useful Class Summary feature of the Classroom app for iPad, a key tool for educators. As we conclude a lesson, it’s essential to end the class in the app, revealing the Class Summary screen. This screen provides a comprehensive overview of the apps used by students during the lesson, allowing teachers to see which apps were accessed and for how long. This insight is invaluable for ensuring that students remain on task. Additionally, I’ll explore the functionality for reviewing files AirDropped to the teacher’s iPad during the lesson, highlighting the need to save these files before the class session ends. Moreover, the video will showcase how tapping on a student’s name reveals their individual journey through the lesson, offering a detailed view of the apps they interacted with and their sequence of use. This feature is particularly beneficial for tailoring future lessons to student needs. Concluding the session is as simple as hitting “Done,” preparing the app for the next class. This tutorial is part of my QuickTips series, aimed at empowering educators with efficient ways to incorporate Apple technology into their teaching methods.

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Once you finish teaching your lesson with iPad, it’s important that we also stop that lesson in the Classroom app. To do this, all we have to do is tap the three dots in the top right corner and then go on to “End Class.” Immediately, you’ll get this Class Summary screen that comes up on your teacher iPad. At the top, we have all of the apps that have been used by your class during this lesson. Now, ideally, I guess you’d know exactly what apps have been used because you set that task, but sometimes something might come up as a little bit unexpected. Maybe they’ve been in PhotoBooth or they’ve been playing a game, perhaps on their iPad. Well, if you tap onto the app icon, you can actually see which students have used that app and for how long, at which point in the lesson. This is a really powerful and really quick way of just checking in to make sure that all the students were doing the activities you expected them to be doing during the lesson.

Now, underneath this section, we then have all the files that have been AirDropped back to your teacher iPad. And if you’re not sure about group AirDrop, there’s a video in the playlist explaining that to you. At this point, you either have to save those files that have been sent or you’ll lose them when the class has been ended, so you can make that choice now.

At the bottom of my class summary screen, I have every student in that class. Just like when you tap on the apps and you get a breakdown of who’s used which app, here if I tap on the student, I get the opposite, so I can see the student’s journey through my whole lesson and which apps they’ve used and when. Perhaps starting off with Safari, then moving into Keynote, then going back to Safari to do some more research or whatever it is your lesson entails. This is by far my favourite part of the class summary screen because you can absolutely see the journey that every student’s been on, should you need to.

And of course, when you’re done, you can simply press “Done” in the top corner, and then the Apple Classroom app goes back to the home screen, ready to start creating your next class when they come in the door.

And that’s Apple Classroom in a nutshell. I hope you find these videos useful, and if you have, please do subscribe to my channel down below, where there are hundreds more iPhone Quick Tips for you.

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