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Automatically Organise your Shopping List with Reminders in iOS 17

27th August 2023

Jacob Woolcock


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Join me in this QuickTips tutorial where I uncover the remarkable shopping list features of iOS 17. In this video, I’ll guide you through the process of using Reminders to automatically group items and logically sort your shopping list. Gone are the days of a chaotic list—iOS 17 empowers you to efficiently organise your shopping by produce types and more. Let’s explore this smart functionality that blends technology and everyday life, making your shopping experience smarter and more streamlined than ever before.

If you’re anything like me you might use Reminders to keep track of your Shopping List.

In fact, I’ve got a Shared List with my fianceé where we can both put things on, then when we go to the shop it’s all they’re ready to go.

But as that list grows and grows it becomes quite hard to keep track of everything, and I end up tapping and dragging to reorder things so I can group similar objects together for my shop – so put all the fruit and veg together, put all the bread together…

Well iOS 17 has got a new setting and Reminders now does it all automatically for you!

So while I’m on my Shopping List I’m going to press the three dots in the top corner, and then Show List Info.

From here there’s an option for the type of list you want and right now it’s a regular list, but if I tap on here I can toggle it to a Shopping List.

This is quite a niche setting, but for shopping lists it is absolutely amazing!

If I come off of here… any second now… there you go!

My list has automatically arranged Itself by food type and product type, so when I go shopping I can get all of my similar items together at the same time from my Shopping List.

Of course I can minimise and expand these categories, I can reorder them and I can move things between them as well if I wanted to.

I can even add new things at the bottom and iOS will automatically sort it into the right place for me.

Also in Reminders I can also look at my items as columns rather than one massive long list.

If I press those three dots again and then say View Columns I can then swipe sideways.

If my Shopping List was particularly long this will make it much easier to break down what I need to find in each area without having to scroll up and down the whole time.

This is just another little update in iOS 17 to make your iPhone better than ever – and if you want to see more things that have changed check out this playlist on the end screen now.

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