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Jacob Woolcock

Accessibility | iPhone


How to Use Voice Control


In this video, I demonstrate how to enable and effectively use the Voice Control feature on an iPad, allowing you to navigate your device entirely hands-free. You'll learn step-by-step how to access this feature in the Settings app, customise the overlay options, and use voice commands to perform various tasks.

How to Set Up and Use Background Sounds


In this video, I demonstrate how to use the Background Sounds feature on iOS to enhance your concentration and productivity. You'll learn how to enable and customise different types of background noise, such as white noise and ocean sounds, directly from the Accessibility settings. I'll guide you through setting up a shortcut for quick access, ensuring you can easily toggle the feature on and off without disrupting your workflow.

Using Speak Screen and Speech Controller


In this video, I'll show you how to use the iPad's built-in Speak Screen feature to have any text or menu options read aloud to you. We'll start by navigating through the Settings app to enable this functionality, then I'll demonstrate how to use the Speak Screen and Speech Controller for added customisation and convenience.

How to Use Bold Text and Colour Filters


In this video, I demonstrate how to enhance text readability on your iPad by enabling bold text and colour filters, two invaluable accessibility features. By guiding you through the settings, I show how these adjustments can significantly improve the clarity of on-screen text, making it easier for everyone to read.

How to Use Reader Mode in Safari


In this how-to video, I demonstrate the use of Reader Mode in Safari, a straightforward yet powerful accessibility feature that significantly enhances your web browsing experience by removing distractions like adverts and extraneous links. I'll guide you through activating Reader Mode, customising your reading environment with different background colours and fonts, and using the text-to-speech function for auditory assistance.

How to Install and Use Multiple Keyboards


In this video, I guide you through the process of customising the keyboard on your iPad to enhance your typing experience. Whether you need a different regional keyboard or a new language entirely, I show you how to add and switch between multiple keyboards with ease.

Type Using your Voice with Dictation


In this video, I demonstrate how to enable and use the built-in dictation feature on the iPad, highlighting its ability to transcribe spoken words into text accurately and efficiently. By following the step-by-step instructions, you'll learn how to activate dictation in the settings and use it across various apps, enhancing your productivity and ease of use.

How to Activate and Use Speak Selection


In this video, I demonstrate how to use the Speak Selection tool on an iPad, a feature that allows users to highlight text and have it read aloud by Siri or another voice. I guide you through enabling this feature in the Settings app, adjusting additional options like content highlighting and voice selection, and show practical examples of its use in real-world applications like the Pages app.

How to Use Guided Access


In this QuickTips video, I demonstrate how to use the Guided Access feature on an iPad to enhance your teaching experience by controlling how learners interact with the device. You'll learn how to enable Guided Access, set a passcode, and restrict access to specific apps, ensuring that students remain focused on their tasks without accidentally navigating away.