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Pinch to Summarise: a Whole New Way to Browse the Web

17th March 2024

Jacob Woolcock


In this video, I delve into the innovative features of the Arc Search app for iPhone, showcasing its AI-powered Pinch to Summarise feature. Join me as I demonstrate how this cutting-edge tool revolutionises web browsing by condensing lengthy articles into bite-sized summaries with just a simple gesture, making information consumption effortless and efficient.

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With the Arc Search app for iPhone, you can now browse websites and explore the web in a whole new way with a really cool feature they’re calling ‘Pinch To Summarise’. Here, I’ve got a few tabs open, and if I jump to this BBC News story, you’ll see it’s quite lengthy; there’s a lot of information there to take in.

Well, using Arc’s new AI feature, if I simply pinch to zoom out just like you would do on a photograph, it will automatically create a summary for me using artificial intelligence. That means it’s read through the whole content of the page and it’s created a few paragraphs here for me, each one labeled with subheadings to break down the content of that article into bite-sized chunks.

And whilst this is really handy, you do want to make sure the information is accurate. So, I’m going to test it on a website that I’ve actually made for the school that I work in, all about the curriculum that I teach every single day.

So if I jump onto my Computing curriculum page and then do that same pinch-out gesture, it will create a summary for me. And I can safely say, having just read through this, that actually, that’s spot on; that is what I do, and that summarises the webpage perfectly for me.

I’m just going to try it one last time on my own Quick Tips website, which if you haven’t seen it already, is Jacobs QuickTips. From here, every video has its own page, and again, if I pinch out to summarise, I’ll get a really quick, easy-to-read summary of that video. And if you want more Quick Tips and cool iPhone apps, subscribe to my channel down below.

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