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How to Scan In Old Photographs on iPhone [Video Tutorial]

10th July 2022

Jacob Woolcock


Do you have a pile of old photographs sat in a box somewhere? You might be surprised just how easy it is to scan these into your iPhone using the PhotoScan app. Once you’ve digitised your old photographs you can edit and store them safely in your Photos app for the future.

Here’s a quick and easy-to-follow tutorial that’ll get you scanning in and digitizing your old paper photographs using just your iPhone and a free app.

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Let me show you how you can scan in your old photographs and digitize them on your device using a really cool, free app. So, we’re going to jump onto the App Store and find the PhotoScan app made by Google. As I mentioned before, it’s completely free, so download it and then open it up when it comes onto your device. From here, it will open straight into the camera, and you can see I’ve got a pile of old photographs here that I want to scan in. This works on color or black and white images, no matter the age, and the idea is it will get rid of the glare as it scans them in.

So, I’ve got this lovely photo of our old cat Molly, and I’ll just move that so I can see it in my camera viewfinder by itself. To save some editing, I’ll rotate the picture 90 degrees so it fills more of my iPhone screen. Then we’re going to press the capture button. At this point, four white circles will appear roughly in the corners of the image, and what you need to do is move your phone over those four circles. At each one, Google PhotoScan will do another scan of that image and it will combine the four together. At the end, when you’ve done that, you’ll get a little green tick, and then you can press onto your photos in the bottom corner, just like the camera app.

From here, I can see all of the images that I’ve scanned in, and I can make some adjustments as well. So, if I go into that picture of Molly, at the bottom, I’m going to press adjust corners. From here, if your image hasn’t quite captured properly, you can pull out those four corners to better crop your image. It doesn’t matter if it’s at a wonky angle because PhotoScan will correct that for you. And as soon as you’ve done that, it will update the image in the Photos app as well.

Speaking of which, if we jump into Photos now, you’ll see all of those scans are now saved in there for me, and I’ve managed to digitize my old pictures in a really quick and efficient way.

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