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How to make a Holiday Video Snowglobe using Green Screen in iMovie [Video Tutorial]

1st December 2019

Jacob Woolcock



In this creative and festive tutorial, learn how to make a holiday snow globe using green-screen techniques in iMovie. Discover how to integrate your own video footage into a snow globe, with detailed instructions on selecting and applying the green screen effect for a unique Christmas decoration. This easy-to-follow guide includes free downloadable snow globe scenes, making it a perfect project for the holiday season. Download Snowglobe videos here:

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For this week’s video, we’re going to try something completely different and make a holiday snow globe using green-screen in iMovie. To get started, I’ve bought a snow globe from a photo shop, one of those ones that you can cut out a photo and stick inside of it. I then took the template out and cut out some different coloured cards to put in there. I’ve gone for other colours as well as green because I’m thinking if I film this in front of a Christmas tree, I’m going to want a different colour to use the green screen effect on. At this point, don’t be put off if you can’t get your hands on your own snow globe. I’ve used the one I’m showing here and I filmed a few different scenes using that snow globe, and I’ve put them online for you to use for free. You can find a link for that in the description below. If you tap onto one of these videos, you can then download it in HD or 4K to save it to the Files app. When it’s in the Files app, you need to press the share button, and you’re then going to share it to your Photos album, as shown on screen. We’re now going to jump into iMovie, and in iMovie, we’re going to insert our background footage first. This is the video that will appear to be inside the snow globe. I’ve gone for a stock image here of a reindeer, and I’m then going to add more footage, but this time it’ll be the green screen snow globe. So when you find that clip, you’re going to press the three dots and choose Green/Blue Screen. It’s really important to make sure you scrub back to the beginning of your timeline before you insert the snow globe; otherwise, it won’t overlay all the footage you’ve put in already. You’re now going to want to tell iMovie which colour to make transparent, so tap on the clip you’ve added with the snow globe. In the preview in the top left corner, you can then tap on the blue, the green, or whatever colour you’ve got inside your snow globe, and it’ll make that transparent straightaway. You should now see a festive green screen snow globe made using iMovie, with your own video inside the snow globe. Merry Christmas!

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