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How to keep Widgets pinned to the Home Screen on iPadOS [Video Tutorial]

21st September 2019

Jacob Woolcock


This video will show you how to lock your Widgets to the Home Screen so they don’t disappear when you swipe between your pages of Apps! Really quick tip to make your experience using iPadOS and iOS even better.

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In iPadOS, you can now pin widgets next to your apps on the Home Screen. To do this, swipe in from the left-hand side. You’ll notice your widgets appear, and your app icons ‘squidge’ up to make room for them. However, when you swipe between pages, these then disappear. You can change that. Swipe from the left to bring up your widgets and scroll all the way down to press the Edit button. On the Edit page, you can change which widgets are displayed on that side panel, and at the very top is the option to ‘Keep on Home Screen’. If you turn this toggle on, your widgets will then stay locked into place, even when you swipe between pages; they’ll always be there on that first screen of your Home Screen – ready for you.

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