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How to Cancel App Store Subscriptions

30th May 2022

Jacob Woolcock


Over time it’s easy to build up multiple subscriptions on your iPhone, each one charging you monthly or annually to use an app or service. Whilst most of these will probably be things you’ve explicitly want, it may be that you’ve also got some other subscriptions that have built up over time that you don’t need anymore. Here’s how to delete or edit them.

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Over time, subscriptions can accumulate on your iPhone, leading to payments for apps you might not even realize you still have. Here’s a guide to double-check your subscriptions and potentially save some money.

To view my subscriptions, I’ll navigate to Settings, then tap on my Apple ID at the top of the screen. From there, I’ll simply select the Subscriptions option and wait a moment for it to load. This section will display a list of all current subscriptions, with expired ones listed underneath. You’ll also see the dates when the next payments are due to be taken from your account.

Tapping on one of these subscriptions, such as my Fantastical one with Cardhop, allows me to adjust the payment frequency. Opting for annual payments rather than monthly, for instance, might be more cost-effective. However, the most significant savings come from cancelling subscriptions you no longer need or want.

You may immediately notice subscriptions you’ve forgotten about or those due for renewal soon that you don’t wish to continue. For example, if I select my Netflix subscription, I can cancel it right there and then. There’s no need for annoying phone calls or filling out tedious web forms on the iPhone; just press Cancel Subscription.

And that’s it; you won’t be charged anymore. The great thing is you can continue using the app until the original subscription end date. This means you can still use it for the rest of the month or year, depending on your payment cycle.

Why not take a moment to review your subscriptions now and see if there’s money to be saved? If you manage to cut down on your subscriptions, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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