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How to build your own Immersive 3D Scenes using Reality Composer on iPad

9th August 2020

Jacob Woolcock


With the free Reality Composer app for iPad and iPhone you can create your very own Augmented Reality (AR) experiences with relative ease. In this QuickTips tutorial I’ll teach you how to create your own 3D scene that you can explore and interact with in Augmented Reality.

This super easy tutorial will have you and your students creating their own 3D scenes and objects that you can then explore by placing them in the room with you. It’s fast, fun and feels a little bit like magic!

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Let’s use Reality Composer to create a 3D scene that we can view in AR.

We’ll start off by creating a new document and then using the Horizontal anchor.

This will let us build a 3D scene that we can then place upon a horizontal surface.

I’m then going to delete the objects that come as standard by tapping once to select, then tapping again to delete.

When your scene is empty you can press the Plus (+) button on the top toolbar to add some new objects onto your page.

There are loads of objects built into Reality Composer already so I’m going to jump straight down to Nature and I’m going to choose that mountain range.

Tap on it and it’ll download nice and quickly and then place itself on the page for you.

Mine’s gone in absolutely huge (as I guess mountains are) so I’m going to zoom out by using two fingers to pinch and zoom.

I can then obviously rotate and I can view this in full 3D – but I want to add some more objects as well…

I’m going to press that Plus button again and this time I’m going to scroll down until I find the weather objects.

I’m going to add the Sun and some Clouds.

I’m going to zoom through this bit a little bit quicker, but you can remember to use one finger to drag the object around the page,

You can use the three different colour arrows for the X, Y and Z axis and you can rotate objects and scale them using the Inspector on the right hand side.

Have a little play around – and when you’ve got a scene that you’re happy with you can press the AR button in the top corner.

Your iPad or iPhone will then find a flat surface and it’ll place that scene there for you.

You can use one finger to move that scene around and two fingers to make it bigger or smaller in augmented reality, but then you can move your device around and you can view that 3D scene as if you were really there.

Think of all the things you could get your children to do with this – from recreating scenes from books or films to recreating moments from history as well.

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