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How to Hide Notifications on Your iPhone 14 Pro’s Always On Display

23rd December 2022

Jacob Woolcock


Are you tired of being constantly interrupted by notifications on your iPhone’s always on display? In this video, I’ll show you how to quickly and easily hide notifications on your iPhone’s always on display so you can focus on what matters most.

By the end of this video, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to take control of your notifications and minimise distractions on your always on display. Whether you’re trying to focus on work, relaxation, or sleep, this tip will help you create a peaceful and distraction-free environment on your iPhone.

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For me one of the main problems of the Always-On Display on my iPhone 14 pro is that every time you get a Notification, the screen changes and it captures your attention – which is not great if you want to concentrate on other work.

You can now turn off notifications on the Always-On Display.

Simply jump into the Settings app and then scroll down until you find the option for Display and Brightness.

On here, towards the bottom of this screen, are the options for Always On Display and there are two new toggles: one to hide the wallpaper and the one we want to use which is to hide notifications.

If I turn this toggle on and then go back to my Lock Screen, even though I’ve got a notification now at the moment, the minute I turn my phone off and it goes into that always on display mode, that notification will disappear.

And any new notifications will not show up on my Lock Screen – that means no distractions and I can concentrate better on my work.

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