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Add Fun Video Effects to FaceTime with just Hand Gestures in iOS 17

27th August 2023

Jacob Woolcock


| FaceTime

Get ready to take your FaceTime calls to the next level with an exhilarating iOS 17 trick. In this tutorial, I’m uncovering the secret behind adding lively video effects to your FaceTime chats using intuitive hand gestures. Imagine surprising your callers with confetti bursts, fireworks, heart showers, thumbs-up signs, and even rain storms – all through a simple wave of your hand. Join me as I show you how to use these mesmerising hand gestures to create expressive and captivating video reactions during your FaceTime conversations. Enhance your connections and make your calls truly unforgettable!

FaceTime on iOS 17 has got a whole load of new tricks that will make your video calls more engaging than ever, and most of them can be triggered using simple hand gestures!

So all I need to demo this is to have a FaceTime call from someone on my phone…

Perfect I’ll answer that one now, and I’ll join the call with myself!

Now what you can see on the main screen is Jacob on his Mac, and in the bottom corner is Jacob on the iPhone.

Now the iPhone’s on iOS 17 but the Mac is not yet up to date, so with the effects that you see you’ll be able to see the difference between the old system and the new system, so keep an eye on that bottom corner.

In fact, if I give a thumbs up just like that you’re going to see the little Emoji floating up from my hand!

And it works for thumbs down too as you might expect.

Now remember, just because you can’t see them on the main video here doesn’t mean the recipient can’t see them.

On my Mac I can see all of these reactions beautifully – in fact they’re so good let’s give it a double thumbs up.

Look at that – some fireworks!

And I guess a double thumbs down – oh that’s sad, that’s a rainstorm.

But there are lots of other gestures you can do as well, for example you can make a heart symbol with your hands and you get a little heart that comes out.

You could do a peace sign to get some balloons or, for some reason I don’t quite understand, you can do two peace signs and you get a confetti explosion behind you like this.

And then the final one is if you do “rock hands”, just like this, with both of your hands you get some lasers coming out from behind you.

But these gestures can be a bit hard to remember unless you’re used to them, so the other way you can activate them is simply to tap and hold on your picture in the bottom corner and then you get a floating menu where you can choose any reactions just like this.

This is just another little way iOS 17 has improved your iPhone, and if you want to learn even more ways it’s improved check out this playlist now – and don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel, that way you won’t miss any more iPhone tips in the future.

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