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Easily add Emoji and Stickers as Reactions to your iMessages [Video Tutorial]

11th December 2023

Jacob Woolcock


In this video, we delve into the exciting realm of iOS messaging, exploring the recent addition of Emoji Sticker Reactions. Gone are the days of limited response options; now, users can elevate their conversations with a plethora of expressive emojis applied as vibrant stickers. From thumbs up to heartwarming stickers, the possibilities are endless. Join me as I guide you through the process of adding, customising, and repositioning these dynamic stickers, ensuring your messages burst with personality. Discover the joy of interactive group threads where friends and family can contribute their unique emojis, thoughts, and opinions, making every conversation a lively and engaging experience. Don’t miss out on the fun – learn how to resize, rotate, and arrange stickers effortlessly, transforming your iOS messaging into a visually dynamic and personalised showcase of self-expression. Get ready to make your messages truly memorable!

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In the past, when you long-tapped a message in the Messages app, you only had half a dozen different options for things you could include, such as a thumbs up, thumbs down, or a heart. These were somewhat limited reaction choices. However, now, on that context menu, you can press “Add Sticker.” From here, any sticker on your iPhone will be applied to your message, similar to an emoji reaction.

So, now I can react to a message using my emoji sticker, and iOS will automatically place it next to my message. Of course, I can also tap and hold to use an emoji sticker. This is where things get really fun; you have unlimited access to all the emojis on your phone, and they’ll be applied as small reaction stickers for your friends and family to see in those conversations.

The best thing is that you can add more than one emoji to every image or message, and iOS will automatically position them around the place for you. This way, it doesn’t get too cluttered or in the way. In group threads, everyone can add their emojis, thoughts, and opinions on the messages in the thread.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, if you want to reposition one of these stickers, you simply tap and drag it. You can even resize, rotate, and reposition it if you want.

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